Career Opportunities
  • Computer Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Help-Desk Technician
  • Small Business Owner
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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 What is ISA - Information Systems Analysis

Your future is bright if you enter the demanding field of Computer Information Technology. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment opportunities are expected to rise faster than the average rate for all occupations. This course features a variety of hands-on, self-paced projects and activities that utilize much of the same equipment the large businesses do.

The first year of the course matches to the objectives of the international, vendor-neutral CompTIA A+ Certification. These objectives include computer assembly, installation, operating systems, wired and wireless networking, common peripherals, maintenance and troubleshooting.

In order to thrive in this environment -- I will work in a collaborative atmosphere that encourages "students to learn to work together to solve problems," as well as, you will have developed a tremendous amount of determination and will.

I am ....

Full-time member of the Information Systems Analysis instructional team, I bring with me over 20 years of experience in the technologies which encompass the computer-related disciplines. Having worked in many aspects of the computer world, I knew that the day would come when computers would invade all fields of work and I postured myself to prepare for that outcome. That day has come!! In today’s world of work, computers are so ubiquitous that in the very near future, the idea of lugging your own PDA or laptop will seem as odd as someone today carrying their own TV around. With computers everywhere, why not tap into a job market for life?

I graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in 2007 with an B.A.S. in Web Development. In 2008 I will start working on my Masters at the U of I.  I hold several industry level certifications in the IT field.

My passions in the technological disciplines include network and computer security, computer maintenance (OS & Hardware), and SQL database administration and design. In my opinion, teaching this discipline is like rock climbing, “You take it one step at a time, look for your next hand hold, and then make it to the top.” What I bring to the Information Systems team is real life experience. Having been an end user for many years, I know the right questions to ask and I teach from the standpoint of encompassing the big picture.