Participating in clubs and organizations on campus is an integral part of the higher education experience. Through this involvement students have a chance to explore opportunities, learn and practice skills, have an impact on their environment, and gain a greater sense of belonging to the campus community.

LCSC offers dozens of student clubs and organizations including: student government, the school newspaper (The Pathfinder), honors groups, special interests groups, and intercultural groups. At LCSC it is easy to start new clubs or student groups.

Annoucing any general club news or postings Dear Club Advisors and Officers, There have been some additional changes/edits made to the Policies and Procedures. These changes are currently pending, and the LCSC Administration is soliciting feedback before moving forward. Clubs and Organizations will have until April 22 to provide feedback. The changes specifically address the use of the college name and the use of college funds for political activities. These changes can be easily recognized by the red font, are located at For feedback, please contact Brandon Lytle at by April 22.