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Employee Training for All LCSC Employees:

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PDT Awards System- Earn points & prizes by taking classes or checking out PDT library items from HRS (given quarterly in July, Oct, Jan, & April):

  1. 10 pts:      First Base- Certificate, frame, red seal, and a prize
  2. 25 pts:      Second Base- Blue seal and a prize
  3. 50 pts:      Third Base- Bronze seal and a USB memory stick
  4. 75 pts:      Home Run- Silver seal and a prize
  5. 100 pts:    Grand Slam- Gold seal and a $25 check or WarriorBucks
  6. 125 pts:    Minor League - seal and a prize
  7. 150 pts:    Major League - seal and a prize
  8. 175 pts:    Hall of Famer - seal and a prize
  9. 200 pts:    Legend - gold batter and a prize
  10. 200+ pts:  a prize every additional 25 points

Goals of the training program:

Customized Classes:



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