March 22/23, 2019







GENERAL RACE: The race is a 500-yard pool swim, 13-mile bike** and 4k run. The SWIM will be FRIDAY NIGHT between 4:00-8:00pm at the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center in Clarkston, WA. We have a handicap for those that do not swim (contact race director for details) The second day of the race starts at 10:00am. The Bike is an out an out and back going out Tammany Creek Road and turning around at the intersection of Tammany and Webb (~25 Kilometers total). The run is also out and back, going out 2 kilometers from bike transition area (North) on the levees and returning to the finish line.


SWIM:  The swim will take place at the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center in Clarkston Washington.  Located at 1603 Dustan Loop.  Their facebook page can be found here 

The swim is 500 yards and is a first come first serve process.  Swimmers will have their own lane as long as time and space allows, but we reserve the right to have circle swimming if needed.  Limited time to warm-up will also be a factor.  There is also an option for non-swimmers.  See that section below.

Swimmers may stop and rest at any time, but the clock will continue to run.

No floation devices are allowed (wetsuits, pull bouys, ...).  Skin suits are allowed.

Must start in the pool (NO diving starts).

Swim time is 4-8pm in Asotin.


ALTERNATIVE SWIM LOCATIONS - There are NO DESIGNATED alternate swim locations this year.  If you are from afar and would like to see if you can get approval to swim where you are at, please contact the race director for approval.




BIKE:  Cyclist's are REQUIRED to follow the rules of the road.  Course goes from HELLS GATE, right turn onto Tammany, out to the stop sign where Tammany meets Webb Road (Barr Rd), turns around and comes back.  We will have flaggers at the area to try and stop vehicles to make for a smoother/faster transition point at the turn around, but rules of the road will still apply.  There is one NEUTRAL section of the course and this is from the point of entry to the park to the transition area.  THIS IS A NO PASSING ZONE.   All other triathlon rules apply to the bike including:

1.  Stay to the Right

2.  No side by side riding

3.  No crossing the center line

4.  Helmet must be on and fastened at all times.

5.  30 seconds to pass, otherwise you must return to following distance.

6.  Following distance is two bike lengths.  Anything less than this is considered drafting.

7.  No passing on the right.

8.  No riding of bikes in the transition area.

Violations of the rules will result in time penalties and/or disqualification.


BIKE/RUN START PROCEDURES:  On saturday we start the bike portion by lining everyone up in the order of their swim time.  We start the clock at 10:00am and everyone stays in their spot until their swim time appears on the clock.  There is a bit of an honor system in place here as there are many participants with the same or nearly the same times.  Once your time hits on the clock you are released to run to your bike and begin the next portion of the race.


Run - Map USATF MAP (finish)

Bike - MAP, ),

Bike - Transition



RUN:  The run is pretty simple as it leaves the bike transition area heading north then west where it hooks into the bike path/levee system.  It proceeds north until the turn around at one mile.  It retraces it path bath and goes into the finish area which is in the parallel parking lot just to the west of the transition area.




Individual with shirt - $45.00

Individual without shirt - $35.00

2-person Team with shirt - $60.00

2-peson Team without shirt - $40.00

3-person Team with shirt - $75.00

3-person Team without shirt - $50.00

$5 late fee per participant for any entry not RECEIVED by March 9th.


TEAM DEFINITIONS:  A 2-person team is where one person is doing two portions of the race (s+b, s+r, b+r) and the other person is doing the third leg.  A 3-person team is where each person does one leg of the race.  In the case of going from swim to bike to run, each leg will "tag" the subsequent leg.  Note that the finisher (runner) needs to have the timing chip.


TIMING:  The race will use chip timing.  For teams, your FINISHER (runner) will be wearing the chip.  We will be working to gather split data  As in the past, we will gather hand data for transitions, but may be hit and miss depending on congestion and number visibility.  Hopefully the chip data collection will work as designed.  Our Typical transition information for this race is swim time, T1+Bike+T2, and run.  Chips are to be returned.  A $75 fee will be assessed for all unreturned/lost/broken chips.


AWARDS:  We will have awards for overall winning male, female, and team.  We will have awards for top three teams and the top three individuals in each gender based on 5-year age groups (20-24, 25-29...).  We will also have a raffle of LCSC XC gear and donated items.


NON-SWIMMER HANDICAP:  If you are not a swimmer but still want to do the race, we do have a "non-swimmer" handicap.  If you are in this category you don't do the swim and you start the bike/run portion one minute (60 seconds) after the slowest swimmer.


PARKING: Hells Gate charges a day use fee of $5/vehicle.  If you have the Idaho State Park Pass, there is no fee.


PACKETS: will be available on Friday at the swim.



NOTE:  that if you use online registration there is a $3.00 discount if you use the Social Media sharing option provided by raceentry.  This helps spread the word and gets you lower entry.  Will also note that this company only charges a 2% processing fee.  Lowest we have found for this price of entry.




Online Registration: 



CONTACT INFO: Mike Collins, 208-792-2308,


INFORMATION ON CHIP TIMING:  If you are interested in LCSC XC doing chip timing for your event,UPDATE COMING ON TIMING SERVICES WE OFFER (keep in mind that all fees paid go towards student scholarships) - Thank you!  Support the sports that support you.



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