2012 Snake River Sprint Triathlon

March 29/30, 2013


SWIM - 4-8:00pm on Friday at Asotin County Aquatic Center (Clarkston, WA)



Race Report and video here via Dave Erickson and www.swimbikerunvideos.com


BIKE & RUN - 10am on Saturday at Hells Gate State Park (Lewiston, ID)

Race is part of the TRI-Northwest Ranking Race Series


RACE WILL BE CHIP TIMED (limited on transition splits)

THE RACE: The Triathlon is a 500 yard swim Friday night with a 12-mile bike and 2-mile run on Saturday. The swim will be at the Asotin County Family Aquatic Center from 4:00-8:30pm on Friday. The bike (both mountain and road bikes are welcome) will start at 10:00am + your swim time (IE - if you swim time was 7:47 then you will start at 10:07:47am). The bike portion leaves the parking lot area, heads out the main park entrance road and takes a RIGHT onto Tammany Creek Road. Then proceed out Tammany (South and East) to the 6-mile turn around (just past Lucky Acres Arena) then returns to Hells Gate. The run starts at the far North parking lot at Hell's Gate State Park and heads North on the levee path 1 mile then returns to the transition area in the parking lot. The finish will come into the parallel parking lot as the transition area.


TEAMS: This is where 2 or 3 individual complete the race as a group where each person does one or two portions of the race. Typically one person does the swim, the second does the bike and the third does the run.


Course Descriptions: HERE


SPECIAL NOTE ON THE SWIM - the swim is a first come first serve for swimming. We will do our best to keep it one person to a lane. Do to potential time constraints and number of entrants you may be asked to circle swim, but this will be avoided if at all possible. We will have all lanes at our disposal. Come early and/or please be patient in this process.


ALL SWIMS MUST TAKE PLACE AT AQUATIC CENTER (see exception below). ALL SWIMS MUST BE COMPLETED BY 8:00PM, any swimmer still in the water at 8:00pm will automatically be placed into the "non-swimmer" category with the subsequent 60 second time penalty (seen special note below).




ALSO - WETSUITS and other FLOATATION DEVICES are NOT ALLOWED in the swim. Swim Skins will be acceptable.


SPECIAL NOTE: Non-swimmers can also do this race. You will do all but the swim. You will start the bike portion of the race starting 60 seconds behind the slowest swimmer from the night before. If you would like a swimmer, contact Dr. Collins and he may be able to hook you up with the local Neptunes swim team, Lewiston High or Clarkston High Swim teams. You will likely be asked to pay your swimmers portion and/or make a donation to their respective teams. These costs are not associated with the race in any way. Contact is provided only as a service for those that would like to find a swimmer and compete in the team category.


DO YOU NEED A SWIMMER? Contact -Nick Bacon, Head Coach, Bengal Swimmers, (509) 552-1555 Nicholas Bacon [nbacon@lewiston.k12.id.us]. Please note, that if you do this your entry becomes a team entry, either 2-person or 3-person.


USA Triathlon Rules and Regulations will be followed except for some potential race specific exemptions. This includes but is not limited to no tandems, no recumbents, no headphones, helmets required.


We also will be following the AA Sports Rules for multi-sport events. To see these go here. AA SPORTS


PACKETS: Packets will be available Friday Night at the Aquatic Center in Clarkston and Race Morning at the transition area. Those swimming in Spokane can pick up their race packets on Saturday morning. Race Registration will also be available at both of these times. Note-- shirts may be limited for late registrations. Race will be limited to 200 competitors.


PARKING: Hells Gate State Park charges a $5/vehicle day use fee to park.


TRI-NORTHWEST RANKINGS: the individual race is part of the Tri-Northwest rankings for the 2012 season.


PARK WEBSITE: http://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/hellsgate.aspx


AQUATIC CENTER WEBSITE: http://www.co.asotin.wa.us/aquatic_about.htm link for directions, etc... can be found here.


AWARDS: Awards will be given to the overall winners in each age group and team. Age groups will go to top three in each 5-year age group.


REFUND/TRANSFER POLICY: Race refunds and transfer of entry will not be allowed.


ACTS OF GOD & OTHERS DISCLAIMER: Although it is not anticipated that weather, road construction, etc.. will affect the race. The race organizers reserve the right to adjust the course, the time of the race and anything other compensations necessary due to factors beyond their control which includes, but is not limited to weather, road construction, ... In twelve years of putting on these races we have never had to worry about this type of an event, but want to be sure that any and all participants are aware that it could happen and that we will make every effort to conduct the race to the best of our ability with the safety of all participants and volunteers in mind.


Race will be chip timed. Race organizers will do their best to retrieve chips from all finishers and non-finishers, but it is still the responsibility to be sure chip is returned. A charge of $25 will be assessed for all non-returned chips.



  • Individual with Shirt - $50.00
  • Individual without Shirt - $35.00
  • 2-Person Team with Shirts - $60.00
  • 2-Person Team without Shirts - $40.00
  • 3-person Team with Shirts - $70.00
  • 3-Person Team without Shirts - $50.00

AFTER March 14

  • Individual with Shirt - $55.00
  • Individual without Shirt - $40.00
  • 2-Person Team with Shirts - $70.00
  • 2-Person Team without Shirts - $50.00
  • 3-Person Team with Shirts - $85.00
  • 3-Person Team without Shirts - $65.00


NOTE FOR TEAMS - each person does one leg of the race. It is NOT where each do all three segments.




Online Registration available at ACTIVE.COM - CLICK HERE


Make Checks Payable to:

  • LCSC Cross Country
  • Attn: Mike Collins
  • 500 8th AVE
  • Lewiston, ID 83501